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BIN Lookup API Documentation

We provide free rest API for bin lookup through our large database, it is very easy to integrate with, just a few steps and you are done.

To start using our API you need to get free API Key by signing up to our service from here.


The straight forward method to use our API is to call 'curl' command from terminal.
here how you can call it, don't forget to replace API_KEY with your own key.
curl ""

API Response

We will start by showing the success response, which will be similar to the following JSON.
  result: 200,
  message: "SUCCESS",
  data: {
    card: {
      scheme: "Visa",
      type: "Debit",
      category: "Corporate t&e",
      length: -1,
      checkluhn: 1,
      cvvlen: 3
    country: {
      name: "Egypt",
      code: "eg",
      flag: "🇪🇬",
      currency: "Egyptian pound",
      currency_code: "EGP"
    bank: {
      website: "",
      phone: "23918794"

As you can see from JSON example, the main result object will contain three variables
  • result will be integer 200 in case of success
  • message will be string
  • data will be object which contains 3 more objects card,country and bank
For card object it will have card information and for missing information like card length or luhn check we will return -1 to make the variable type consistent.

Error responses

In case of errors, you should receive http response code similar to the result variable in the JSON response.
The following JSON is for Invalid API key as an example.

  result: 401,
  message: "Invalid API Key",

API Endpoints

The available endpoints for the API are:
  • /{BIN} BIN Lookup which is documented above.
  • /balance For balance and expiry check


The below links you can get the API Integrations code and libraries for different languages.


The below links you can get the API documentation file in different formats.